Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ask me what to do is gone... I've been running Vista on my Media Center since beta 2 - and I just love it! When Vista RC2 came I finally took the chance and installed it on my precious tablet PC, which are the computer I use at work and at the university. I was a little afraid it would give me a lot of trouble, as beta 2 simply sucked on it (it wasn't beta 2 itself, but the crappy drivers).

Well, I must admit that RC2 is not just a good looking OS, but also a very fast OS. I have 1,5 Gb RAM in my computer, but after installing Vista RC2, it feels like I've upgraded the amount of RAM. My computer is actually a lot faster than it was in XP. I think it's because of better swapping algorihms - but who knows, maybe Microsoft just used their magic wand? :-)

So, everything is fine... except of one small detail! I miss the "Ask me what to do"-option in "Power button and lid settings". When I have my computer in tablet mode, it's very easy for me to press the power button by accident. So - do you know how to get the "Ask me what to do"-button back? Please, ask me what to do...